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105 Cool Grim Reaper Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meanings

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The biggest truth of one’s existence is his death. It becomes a part of us since inception! The association of Grim Reaper and death came alive during the late 14th and early 15th century. This was the time when the world saw maximum death in forms of wars, famines

65 Cool Arabic Tattoos Ideas With Meanings and Pictures

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Writing phrases, names and quotes are common for tattooing. There are so many fonts you can choose from, and so many ways to enhance it. Sometimes we differ to choose different languages so that it looks unique to us and also to the people around. This is one of

60 Gorgeous Mandala Tattoo Meaning And Designs With Images

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Mandala Tattoo designs and images are one of the most beautiful and amazing ways to decorate your body, especially with the multitude of different designs available. The beauty is dependent to a large extent on the design you choose. One of the best designs you can choose is the

50 Semicolon Tattoos Ideas and Meaning | The Semicolon Project

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If you are looking for some semicolon tattoo ideas for inspiration then scroll below. Tattoos are personal, and tend to mean a lot to the person who gets them. The reason is because while a tattoo may look the same on two people, it will mean differently for each.

75 Insanely Attractive And Badass Tattoos For Guys And Chicks

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Badass tattoos define badass people a little more! No, badass doesn’t really mean that they are bad, but it defines them to be bold and different. Badass people are known to do what they feel like and have a definitive power which helps them overrule others! Let us go

65 Impressive Dream Catcher Tattoos Designs and Meanings

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Tattoos are one of the most personal things which belong to the wearer.  Dream catcher tattoos are a little closer to a wearer since they are very personal and special! These are mostly chosen by women and hold a strong significance. Dream catchers are handmade items which had been