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[Tattoo Aftercare] – A Complete Guide To Tattoo Healing Process

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The healing time of a tattoo is the final process of the art piece. You get endless number of options and numerous experts telling you what to do and what not to. Well, in this article, we have summarized some of the basic things which you ought to know

How To Know If A Tattoo Artist Is Good?

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Tattoos have become an increasing popular art in today’s generation. These are imprints on our body which are designed by specialists, and last us for a lifetime. With high popularity, the tattoo industry has had an increased demand over the last 10 years. This in turn made a lot

Things to Know Before Getting your First Tattoo

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Tattoo is something that has come in trend over the last ten years now. Every year, there is an increasing in number of members who are getting inked. These are considered to be highly artistic and expressive. Tattoos are permanent marks which we choose to leave in our body