65 Cool Arabic Tattoos Ideas With Meanings and Pictures


Writing phrases, names and quotes are common for tattooing. There are so many fonts you can choose from, and so many ways to enhance it. Sometimes we differ to choose different languages so that it looks unique to us and also to the people around. This is one of the common reasons why people choose Arabic tattoos and Phrases, even when they don’t know the language well. The letters happen to make an ideal tattoo that makes you look good and also helps people take interest of asking, what it means. Let us go through some nice Arabic phrases and tattoos with meanings below:

1.       ‘This too shall pass’:

This tattoo reminds the wearer that every tough situation will pass. It is a common phrase which people remind themselves with, in times of stress and agony. It gives an instant relief as it helps you realize that bad phases have an end too.

2.       Faith:

The tattoo we see in the picture below means ‘faith’. People have this word written on themselves in order to remind them to keep faith and believe God. You can also have it done for your religious purpose and not just to reassure.

3.       My Soul:

Our soul always has so much to say. It is the inner self which wraps in all the emotions of the world. Our soul is how our heart feels and also what our heart keeps alive. This tattoo will make us feel lively and make us live life merrily.

4.       ‘Peace and Love’:

This tattoo design which has ‘peace and love’ written, is one of the most common and desired Arabic tattoos. This appeals people because the words create the symbol of a dove and that makes the significance all the more powerful. Some of the liked positions for this tattoo are ankle, blades, wrist, shoulder and arm.

5.       ‘Love yourself first’:

Selena Gomez stunned everyone with her Arabic tattoo which means ‘love yourself first’. It is true, that you can only someone properly when you have first loved yourself enough!

If you are a huge fan of Arabic writing and calligraphy tattoos then have a look at the Arab Ink Photography Project by Bashar Alaeddin. It is an “on-going photo-documentary series about Arabic tattoos in the Arab world, their role in the development of new styles of calligraphy, and their meaning and impact on the people photographed”. (Source)

Let us scroll through some more cool tattoos in Arabic and find out what they mean!

Arabic Letters

arabic tattoos and meanings

Arabic Calligraphy Tattoosarabic calligraphy tattoos and meanings

Beautyarabic tattoos and meanings

Rebeccaarabic name tattoos and meanings

Peacearabic tattoos and meanings

Tattoos In Arabicarabic tattoos and meanings

Greatarabic tattoos and meanings

Eldest Daughterarabic name tattoos and meanings

Love Can Be understood in all languagesarabic tattoos and meanings

arabic tattoos and meanings

Luckytattoos in arabic

Arabic Writing Tattoostattoos in arabic

Lucifername tattoos in arabic

Arabic Tattoo Quotes tattoos in arabic

Beautiful Calligraphytattoos in arabic

Arabic Versestattoos in arabic

Before Sleep
tattoos in arabic

Julia Marcella tattoos in arabic

Arabic Quote Tattoos
tattoos in arabic
Tattoo Ideaarabic calligraphy tattoos

Harris Malakarabic calligraphy tattoos

Lovelove in arabic tattoo

Small Tattoo Ideaarabic calligraphy tattoos

All Hearts Beatarabic calligraphy tattoos

Arabic Chest Tattooarabic calligraphy tattoos

Robinarabic calligraphy tattoos

Tattoo On Ribsarabic calligraphy tattoos

Faith, deeds, and love is enougharabic calligraphy tattoos

Arabic Letters
arabic calligraphy tattoos

Deatharabic calligraphy tattoos

Fighterarabic calligraphy tattoos

Dadarabic calligraphy tattoos

Arabic Tattoo Phrasesarabic calligraphy tattoos

Allaharabic calligraphy tattoos

Palestinearabic calligraphy tattoos

Gabriel arabic calligraphy tattoos

Dolphinarabic calligraphy tattoos

Love Yourself Firstarabic writing tattoos

Luxurious Lifearabic writing tattoos

Arabic Lettersarabic writing tattoos

Freedomarabic writing tattoos

Arab Lifearabic writing tattoos

United States Navyarabic writing tattoos

Infidelarabic writing tattoos

Infidelarabic writing tattoos

Arabic Words Tattooarabic writing tattoos

Tattoo On Armsarabic writing tattoos

Arabic Font

arabic writing tattoos

Zain ud din – Arabic Name Tattooarabic quote tattoos

The Power Of Trustarabic quote tattoos

Sun Onlyarabic quote tattoos

Arabic Tattoo On Backarabic quote tattoos

Faith In Arabicarabic quote tattoos

Sweet Moonarabic quote tattoos

Traveler arabic quote tattoos

Musicarabic quote tattoos

Princessarabic quote tattoos

Mother. Julian. Dad
arabic quote tattoos

Musicarabic tattoo designs

Stars And Flowersarabic tattoo designs

Arabic Symbol Tattooarabic tattoo designs

Arabic Phrase Tattooarabic tattoo designs

Sweet Lifearabic tattoo designs

Best Arabic Tattooarabic tattoo designs

White Ink Arabic Tattooarabic tattoo designs

Arabic Name Tattooarabic tattoo designs

Celebrity Arabic Tattooarabic tattoo designs


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